Educate & Knowledge

Prepare yourself on what to expect when selling your home, just as you are reading this now…

Get Organized

Now that you have gathered some knowledge, it is time to do some planning.

Start a folder/binder where you can collect important paperwork, contacts, dates, note & this checklist! Keeping it altogether…

This is also a good time to gather any documents you may need later. Household improvements, warranties, utilities, property taxes, surveys, deed etc.

Budget Selling Expenses

It’s best to understand the costs involved in selling. You may need to set aside funds for repairs to prepare sale and additional fees to get you through the process.

List with LU !

This may even be considered the first priority for most. Depends on how much leg work you initially want to undertake.

While we all believe our home is our castle, everyone’s personal taste is different. LU will work with you to give an impartial analysis of your home – how it relates to other “competing” homes on the market and how your home may reflect. LU will also take a good look at the general condition of your dwelling.

  • Recommended pricing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Handle all details (so you don’t have to)
  • Advise on rights, options & obligations
  • Represent & Negotiate the best for YOU!

Home Ready

You will want to make sure your home is looking its best potentially, for prospective buyers.

Prior to showings, you should consider any problems area. Some improvements have proven to return above cost of the project and more in the selling price/equity.

When a Realtor has a client who is interested in your home, they will request a showing appointment through LU. If you’re lucky, you will have time for small tidying. Of course, you could say no to the prospective buyer’s inconvenient scheduled time. Keep in mind, you could be declining “the one”.

Open Houses

This is usually not a pleasant experience. The upside is that you usually won’t have to be there to act as a guide.

The downside is that you might have a series of open houses over a few weeks, with people poking through all areas of your home. And you’ll have the constant pressure of keeping your home looking its best.

Home Inspection

It is very common for buyers to include a home inspection condition, with their offer to purchase.

If you are aware of any issues in your home, it is advised to fix in advance. Anything you don’t fix needs to be disclosed.

Some sellers elect to have a home inspection prior themselves, to be more prepared for any surprises.

Reviewing Offer/Paperwork

When a buyer is interested, it will be official through a written offer. This legal document contains the important details for the property ie: price, conditions, inclusions/exclusions, etc.

It helps to have a better understanding ahead of time, feeling less overwhelmed and more confident with your decisions.

Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer will protect you in all legal written agreements.

Closing Day & Afterwards

Once the lawyers agree that all obligations have been met by all parties involved, the deal can close.

You will be given the remaining funds from the sale and the buyers will receive their new home keys!

Your New Home & Preparing for your Move

Although this step is at the end, by no means should you wait until closing time to start your buying! In fact, there is much to think about when buying a house and selling one together.

Phone Consultation

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